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Academic Recognition

BRCC is dedicated to the success of student-athletes in the classroom. The athletic department works hard to ensure that all student athletes are eligible to compete in the NJCAA, on pace to reach their academic goals, and each student athlete is prepared to compete at the next level. 

BRCC provides the following services to all of our student athletes:

  • Advising and registering of classes each semester
  • Approval of all add/drop classes to ensure student athletes maintain eligibility
  • Each program monitors class attendance
  • Grade checks 3 times per semester
  • Constant dialogue with faculty to insure opportunities for academic success
  • Tutoring sessions are available through the Academic Learning Center
  • Travel letters excusing athletes for away contests

Recognition- 2012-2013

Jared Keating- Award for Exemplary Academic Achievement in the sport of Baseball.

Athletic Director Honor Roll- Spring 2015

Luke Ancelet  3.0  Baseball 
Matthew Bergeron  3.25  Baseball
Cameron Burns 3.66 Baseball
Robert Castello 3.5 Baseball
Jarrod Jarreau 3.2 Baseball
Zachary McCown 3.25 Baseball
Shayne Narro 3.2 Baseball
Jesse Nigro 3.0 Baseball
Mark Traylor Jr. 3.6 Baseball
Zachary Zimmer 3.28 Baseball
Landon Andre 3.8 Baseball
Matthew Fountain 3.33 Baseball
Kevin Gueniot 4.0  Baseball
Ridge Goodwin 3.0 Baseball
Faith Bourgeois 3.2 Softball
Megan Smith 3.0 Softball
Mollie Stelly 3.2 Softball
Nicole Vosburg 3.0 Softball
Ariane Addison 3.0 Women's Basketball 
Paige Johnson 3.0 Women's Basketball
Terriel Ross 3.6 Women's Basketball
Channan Simmons  3.4 Women's Basketball
Doneisha Young 3.0 Women's Basketball
Christian Echols 3.4 Men's Basketball
Jordan Gaither 3.0 Men's Basketball
Demetrius Fitzpatrick  3.0 Men's Basketball
Nathaniel Francis 3.0 Men's Basketball
Cameron Salazar 3.8 Men's Basketball
Erik Thomas 3.25 Men's Basketball
Beka Zedelashvili 3.4 Men's Basketball